Good Momrning Everyone!! Heading out for a beautiful day out in Leeds. Just wanted to remind everyone to check out this beautiful example of Birmingham AL Real Estate and Birmingham AL Homes:

Location! Location! Location!  It’s very easy to access Hwy 31, I65 and I459. A mile away to all Vestavia schools. Beautiful brick family home built in 1997 with 9’+ celling. You couln’t believe it’s about 3100sf living space if you don’t come in(according to appraisal). This house has the largest floor plan and living space in this neighborhood. Hardwood floor through entire living and dining rooms. Move in condition. Please come on in to see, you will certainly love it! In addition, the refrigerator (newly purchased, > $1000), washer, and dryer  will stay with the house.”


The end of another awesome week at Keller Williams in Alabaster, AL. Birmingham AL Homes and Birmingham Real Estate is still on the move. I plan on staying close to home this weekend, so feel free to call if I may be of assistance.

With the launch of the revolutionizing eEdge platform at Keller Williams Realty Metro South, this week has been busy. My 1st Birmingham AL Real Estate closing scheduled for Wed!! Woohoo


Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee said they will push for a vote next Thursday on bills that would end four government programs that are aimed at helping prevent foreclosures. Among the programs on the chopping block include the Home Affordable Modification program, which was created to help struggling home owners reduce mortgage payments by offering lower interest rates and longer repayment times. The Treasury Department recently acknowledged that HAMP will fall short of meeting its original goal of preventing 3 to 4 million foreclosures; it’s expected to complete 700,000 to 800,000 loan modifications. Other smaller programs at risk are aimed at refinancing loans, helping unemployed home owners, and aiding state and local governments in buying foreclosed properties in order to sell or rent them. Committee chairman Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Ala., says the foreclosure prevention programs haven’t had much impact and, in some cases, actually are doing more harm than good in helping struggling home owners. The Obama administration argues that killing the programs will hurt home owners. “The administration remains committed to reaching eligible home owners to give them every opportunity to avoid foreclosure and will continue working to make our programs as effective as possible,” said an Obama administration spokesperson.

Great Location! 3 Bed 2 Bath BIRMINGHAM Home

Good Morning Everyone!!! Getting ready to head to the office. I will be available to assist you in the pursuits of your Real Estate Dreams.

Check out this Birmingham Real Estate Beauty:

Fantastic One Level Home on a great street in the Narrows Peak Community. Located on a Cul-da-sac street.  Short walk to the Community Pool! You must see inside!  This home looks brand new!  Large spacious Rooms, Open Floor Plan. Hardwoods throughout. Neutral colors and upgrades everywhere. This eat in Kitchen with fireplace and lots of cabinets and island bar is used as a warming room now. Large Family Room with Fireplace, Wonderful large screened porch, Front Porch and an additional Patio area, Wooden Fenced Back Yard, immaculate landscaping. Master Bedroom and Bathroom Suite, separate shower and Garden Tub. Each room is very spacious with 9ft Ceiling,Foyer/Hall has 10′. Split Bedroom plan, large laundry room, Main Level Two Car Garage.  Additional Attic Storage and lots of closets.  The see through fireplace is in the kitchen and den. Walk-up attic storage.  Trane Heating and Air System. Meticulously maintained.  Convenient to Dr. office, Hwy 280 shopping Restaurants

Address:  161 NARROWS PEAK CIR
City:        BIRMINGHAM
State:      AL

Priced at $219900, this will not last long!!!


Good morning Everyone!! BIRMINGHAM AL HOMES AND BIRMINGHAM REAL ESTATE IS BACK!!!! So, what a week eh? Keller Williams’ eEdge is now live and sweeping change all across the Nation’s Real Estate Landscape, I have almost recovered from my flu bug, and my first transaction in Birmingham since moving here on December 1, 2010 is going to closing sometime this week!!!

Keep posted this afternoon for another short snippet post as i am getting back into the swing of things!!!!


Good Morning Everyone!! A lot of things are happening here in the land of Birmingham Real Estate and Birmingham AL Homes. Keep the good times rolling. The weather is getting sunnier and warmer. Now is the time to pick up a New Construction Home for the same price as some existing homes. These homes will often times qualify for 100% Financing using USDA/VA or FHA at 96.5% Financing having a 3.5% down payment.

Call Me Today for more information!! These are exciting times that we find ourselves in. Money has never been cheaper to borrow and Homes are coming to an all time low in the Birmingham Real Estate and Birmingham AL Homes Market.

Get ’em while they are hot!!!

I stand ready to assist you in “Unlocking The Door To Your Real Estate Dreams!!!”

J. Steven Roantes
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Good Morning Everyone! Had a great Valentines Day yesterday. Am at the office. Just let out from Sales Meeting and the Subsequent KellerVan Tour of Homes. Now hunkering down for two solid hours of Lead Generation to find some new owners for Birmingham AL Real Estate and Birmingham AL Homes.

Wanted to remind everyone to check out my new website located at  and also my new FaceBook Fan Page at

Have an Awesome Day!!!



Good Morning All you Birmingham Real Estate and Birmingham AL Homes Fans. Be sure to check out my newest FaceBook Page. Launched yesterday, it is already gaining tremendous momentum in the Birmingham Real Estate Market Place. The link to it is:

Let me tell you something else:  KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY is launching the newest wave of REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY with its debut of eEdge on February 21, 2011.  I have been using the enhanced version of this platform for about a month now. IT IS AMAZING!!!

Of course, all people will want to know, “What’s in it for me?” Allow me to tell you. The days of calling your REALTOR® for delayed information are over and waiting for them to respond is a thing of the past. I always operate on philosophy that If I don’t answer, Some other REALTOR® will. With that said, upon signing up at, the user will have not only up to the minute access to the MLS Data as do I, but that user is able to set customizable Listing Alerts that gives you only the information that you want, weeds out the listings that don’t befit YOU, and gives it to you when and where you want it. Want email? YOU GOT IT. Want a Text? YOU GOT IT!! Want a call from your REALTOR®? YOU GOT IT!!!

Why dont all REALTORS® utilize this you may be asking your self? The answer is simple. In this day and age, there are two types. Those that continue to fit the definition of Insanity. Doing things the same old way and expecting different results. These are the types that resist technology in spite of the fact that the consumer demands more Technological Tools in Real Estate Transactions. Then there are the elite few REALTORS® that see the value in stepping out on a limb and trying New Things. That is where I fit in. Being only one of only eight REALTORS® to embrace this technological gemstone, we are gaingin momentum as being tech Experts in the Real Estate Marketplace.

Now with that said, I am aligned with the most powerful force in Birmingham Real Estate Today. Our competitors at RE/MAX and RealtySouth could only wish that they have what KELLER WILLIAMS is about to unleash. The whole world of the “In Transaction” experience is about to change. Little snippets are being used by different real estate companies all over America, but noone other than KELLER WILLIAMS has pieced all the snippets together to bring the consumer and its agents the full monty.Combined with the expertise offered by the Family of Associates at Keller Williams Realty Metro South, there is nothing that will stop us from dominating the Birmingham AL Real Estate Market as being the Experts in Real Estate Technology and Innovation. With that said, it is going to be a whole different world out there post February 21, 2011. Just call me and you will see. Keller Williams will always do the right thing for the consumer and uphold our common thread: Our Code of Ethics as established by the National Association of REALTORS®. Keller Williams believes in building the business around its most core component: The Associate (AGENT) and the Consumer……How does that compare with your current situation? Are you making most of your commissions or are they being swallowed up in unfair percentages to the office and desk fees, transaction fees..etc… The list goes on!! How long until you reach that point where you are paying nothing to your office and keeping 100% of your commissions and not paying thousands a month in desk fees? IT IS ALL POSSIBLE and only at KELLER WILLIAMS!!!!

For the REALTOR® out there that may be reading this, I invite you to call me or email me direct to see if what your broker is doing for you is enough to catapult your business into this still New Year. I am not trying to recruit anyone or sway them from their offices. I was a devout follower of EXIT Realty for over 2 years. They had technology beyond the wildest imagination. However, upon looking at the facts, I had to come to the reality that my broker was not arming me with the tools that Keller Williams so freely gives. It would be my pleasure to share with you Our Vision, Our Mission, and Our Core values. In addition, I am confident that if you are serious about your business as I am, you will not be able to argue the Value of this eEdge platform. No other Real Estate company will be able to duplicate this system as it is locked down by some serious patents. Engineered by Keller Williams and one of the Nation’s pioneers of Real Estate Technology and the gurus of SEO, this is going to separate the men from the boys (NO OFFENSE LADIES-JUST A SAYING) Is what your current office is offering you worth settling for a sub-standard atmosphere? Is what you have at your current office worth losing market share once this goes live? Is your current office the best suited environment for your Personal, Professional, and Educational Goals for your Career? Some will say yes, but others, like myself will come to the ultimate reality: IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE. These are the questions I had to ask myself and you see what happened. I HAVE BENEFITED FROM TAKING A STEP ON THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED!!!


Call me if I may be of assistance or if you would like to discuss this further!!!

Steven Roantes

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 “Unlocking The Doors To Your Real Estate Dreams”

Will Birmingham Real Estate Consumer Demands Create A Tipping Point for the Real Estate Transaction?

 It seems like just yesterday that Malcolm Gladwell in his book, Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference, introduced us to the concept of the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point. As Gladwell states, “Ideas, products, messages and behaviors spread like viruses.” In every situation there is that moment in time when our world is ready to follow the right leadership. With respect to today’s Birmingham Real Estate consumer and the subject of transaction management, that moment is here. Many in the industry failed to take note of last month’s announcement that Keller Williams International has incorporated into its arsenal of business tools a new system called eEdge. To some extent, this oversight is understandable. On the day of the announcement, several hundred industry leaders were attending the Inman conference in New York City, feeding the continuing discussion regarding what should be happening in the industry. While one might speculate as to the timing of the Keller Williams announcement, one can only be awed by the ramifications of the announcement and what it means to the future of the industry. In order to understand why the eEdge announcement is so important, it is appropriate that we take a quick glance across the industry’s current landscape. The industry is now in its sixth year of transition, confusion, and market shift. The North American economy continues to bravely struggle along at a snail’s pace, further discouraging forward progress. Like sailing ships drifting in “irons” on a windless sea, alarming numbers of real estate professionals and brokers are demonstrating little or no momentum and have even fewer financial resources. Leadership has been stressed into an almost paper-thin commodity. Senior leaders are watching in horror as the prospect of an unfunded retirement looms closer and younger generations have yet to be extended an invitation worth accepting to join the industry leadership and management. Competitiveness has all but disappeared. Creativity and innovation within the industry are at a precariously low ebb. It is from an environment exactly like this that a “tipping point” occurs. From the dark ages came the Renaissance and from this current morass will come the real estate relationship and transaction of the future. The price of success in this new era will be constant vigilance, a powerful urge to be competitive, and a willingness to recognize the need to change and adapt to a new world of opportunity. It is also from this atmosphere that certain individuals and entities with special visions and skills emerge. “The success reaching a tipping point during any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.” According to Gladwell, economists call this the Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 Rule, which is the idea that in any situation roughly 80 percent of the ‘work’ will be done by 20 percent of the participants.” Within this unique 20% are the “Connectors” who link us with the world, the “Mavens” who connect us with new information, and the “Salespersons” who provide the powerful skills of negotiation and persuasion that are so critical to our ability to adapt to a new situation. Knowing about these elements positions us to understand the forces that led to the eEdge announcement. The systemization of our transaction and consumer experience is a need that has been around for decades. The lack of a response is a failure that has denied our entrepreneurs the profits that they have sought for the past fifteen years. Millions of dollars have been lost over the past twelve years trying to convince our practitioners that transaction management is the logical next step. Brave organizations like the Arizona Association of REALTORS® have attempted to use their influence to make this shift happen. But there has been no tipping point. It is the nature of our world that, in the final analysis, it takes a master connector, a powerful maven, and an influential sales force to finally force the tipping point. The Keller Williams International organization has once again stepped up to the line to provide critical leadership and critical mass. Because of this contribution, the North American real estate transaction, regardless of the market in which you are engaged, will never again be the same. For those outside the Keller Williams family, there is an up and coming transaction management system called Pulse Realty Software, or Pulse for short. Pulse recognizes that several players are required to perform well, and in work together, to achieve the targeted customer experience. Of course there are those who will suggest that automated transaction management systems are no big deal – just another software in a sea of unaffordable technologies. This view will certainly fulfill the needs of those who choose to ignore the stated demands of the consumer they purport to serve and, therefore, wish to deny the importance of someone else’s innovation. However, it fails to recognize that, in the greater scheme of things, neither eEdge nor transaction management have anything more to do with technology than that new 55-inch flat screen that arrived this past Christmas. The flat screen television isn’t about technology. It is about the experience it delivers. Sporting events are transitioned from a spectator activity to a detail-rich involvement that invites expertise and interaction. Automated transaction management systems, like eEdge and Pulse, are not about technology. They are about standards of practice and value propositions. These are two features that today’s real estate consumer has repeatedly told the industry they want, they are willing to pay for, and for which they will seek alternative services until their demands are met. From the brokerage perspective, automated systems are about profitability. You cannot expect what you cannot inspect. Automated transaction management systems will lead the way to a new era of profitability, which will, in turn, open the doors for the investment dollars that the industry so desperately needs. Keller Williams has positioned itself, its market centers, and its agents to take competitiveness to a whole new level. In today’s consumer- centric marketplace, competitiveness isn’t about dogs, flying machines, age-old brands or your father’s buddy from Rotary. It is about pure, unadulterated, accountable, and transparent performance. It is about standards, accountability, and giving the consumer exactly what they ask for, and what you promised to deliver. It is about delivering the same highly engineered experience every time. Keller Williams has done something else that must be recognized. KWI has exercised remarkable internal leadership by making participation in the eEdge program mandatory. This is KWI playing the classic “Maven” role. There is no question that eEdge will fill a vacuum that consumers are demanding to be filled. KWI’s research has proven that point ten times over. By requiring its over 80,000 agents to participate with the system, it assures that the competitive advantage it seeks will materialize. Ask any racing sailor what it going through their head when they are in irons, and many will tell you that they long for the wind. They will also tell you that when the wind does pick up, it will come from a different compass point, and change the planned course. The sailor cannot control the wind, but can plan possible reactions when a new breeze kicks up. Welcome to the industry’s newest tipping point. Those who value creativity and innovation to address the realities of today’s real estate industry will embrace the leadership of KWI and learn from its example. Those who dismiss eEdge and its application as just another proprietary brokerage tool, rather than the tipping point and wakeup call that it is, will do so at their own peril.

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By Jeremy Conaway
February 1, 2011 – 11:33 AM


GOOD MORNING FROM YOUR HOMETOWN KELLER WILLIAMS AGENT!!! Watch the weather report? Birmingham Real Estate and Birmingham AL Homes are about to get a dusting of snow this afternoon. It’s days like this that make me miss the dry and warm expanses of Phoenix, AZ. Timing is right to purchase a Dream Home of Your Own. Birmingham AL Homes and Birmingham Real Estate have never been so adequately priced at such discounts. 

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Making Dreams Come True is Job #1. It Is My Passion, It Is My Business!!

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